About CV Sports Group

About CV Sports Group

CV Sports Group is a sports management company founded by golfers with extensive international and professional experience within the worlds of professional golf, the corporate sector and the financial industries. Our ambition is to provide the best personalized support services for our professional athletes and value added solutions for our sponsor partners.

With a high degree of flexibility, accessibility and integrity, CV Sports Group provides the athletes individually tailored services such as logistics, wealth management, financial planning, estate planning, day-to-day administration of affairs and expense management.

Our professional approach to the sport of golf builds on a mix of experience, careful observation, attention to detail, lateral thinking and a desire to improve established structures. These are excellent preconditions to spot previously untapped potential in young talent as well as established player.

Through our network, a player can access a wide array of services, ranging from international legal advice, private banking, as well as more golf-related support services, such as the physical and mental aspect involved in professional sport.


Client Management
☎ +44 7787 3878 82
☎ +46 708 28 34 22
✉ jason@cvsportsgroup.com

Jason has more than 14 years of experience on the European Tour, which makes him better than most for understanding what it takes to succeed being a professional golfer/athlete. Constantly looking for marginal gains, structural improvements within the sports and entertainment industry.
Financial Management
☎ +46 703 49 55 19
✉ robert@cvsportsgroup.com

Robert’s more than 20 years of experience from the financial markets maximises our clients’ personal wealth, and economic matters are given the best possible attention to ensure success and peace of mind for our clients.
Corporate Relations
☎ +971 588 548265
✉ mikael@cvsportsgroup.com

With his background as a professional golfer and vast experience within the corporate sector, Mikael makes sure that our corporate partners receive the highest added value possible.
Coniunctis Viribus
With united powers
The business model of CV Sports Group is supported on the three pillars Client Management, Corporate Relations and Financial Management. The three pillars overlap and mutually support each other - hence our concept of ‘united powers’. For example, our close relationship with our clients allows us to tailor sponsorship packages to their individual preferences and financial benefit. Mutual trust and understanding allows for more efficient and effective financial guidance.
Client Management
Catering to the player´s individual day-to-day needs on, as well as off the road.
Sports management is all about creating a support system for the clients, allowing the client to focus entirely on his or her craft. This includes on-location support and logistics, i.e schedule planning and itinerary management. Equally important is general player representation, network building and strategic profiling.
Corporate Relations
Corporate endorsements and sponsorships.
Without fear of challenging conventionality, CV Sports Group works hard to maximise performance and return on investment on behalf of our clients and sponsors. Our goal is to help our clients find the right combination of equipment manufacturers and non-golf monetary sponsors that best suit his or her personal requirements and development potential, at the same time finding the format that maximises the return on investment for the corporate partner.
Financial Management
Financial planning and wealth management.
Although it may not be an urgent worry for the young sportsman, planning for a life after a career as professional athlete is nevertheless essential. Based on our expertise and support from a select group of professional partners in the financial and legal communities, we assist and guide the client in fiduciary matters such as day-to-day budgeting and cash management, as well as longer-term wealth growth and preservation.